Algebra I 


Facilitator: Dr. Carl White
Email Address:
Online Hours: Mon-Thur 5-7 PM
Main Digital Content: This course is optimized around the digital content ALEKS

 Technology and Software Requirements:

All that is needed is a solid, reliable internet connection and a modern web browser to logon to LC Moodle Course Content Integration Portal (CCIP)

A  computer with a MINIMUM 8GB of RAM or more is preferred), NVIDA or  AMD/ATI GPUs, and a Windows 7,8, or 10 operating system will facilitate a productive experience in the Virtual Learning Environment OpenSimulator
For more information, go to and click on OpenSimulator

Type of Course: Online Self-Paced Course


XR_Alg1 is an online course designed to provide opportunities for students to develop and communicate an understanding of algebraic concepts, as a prerequisite to all higher mathematics courses and, to provide optional VR services to the students.  These services will allow the students access to additional education support tools that include math games, real time simulations, workshops, seminars, small group discussions with STEM professionals, course facilitators, mentoring, tutoring, and peer support groups.

One hour of self-paced work, 1-hour of optional VR services. Topics to be cover include Arithmetic Readiness ( 65 topics), Real Numbers (71 topics), Linear Equations ( 52 topics), Linear Inequalities (29 topics), Functions and Lines (114 topics), Linear Systems ( 24 topics), Exponents and Exponential Functions ( 60 topics), Polynomials and Factoring (25 topics), Quadratic Functions and Equations (32 topics), Data Analysis and Probability (22 topics). The optional VR services for this course will consist of a course facilitator,  tutor, and a seminar speaker series.

Minimum Suggested Effort: 2 hr/day @ 4 days/week
Length of time to complete the course 13 weeks

 Prerequisites: Pass 8th grade mathematics

Incoming Competencies

From Middle School:

Student should be familiar with basic concepts of 8th grade Math

  • Real numbers
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Two-Dimensional Coordinate system and Graphs
  • Intervals, Inequalities, and Absolute Value
  • Graph of Functions

Evaluation of Incoming Competencies

Students will log into ALEKS and take an Initial assessment

This assessment will be used to validate the students’ initial math level.
Initial Knowledge Check 95% of the course student can take CK exam
Initial Knowledge Check 70% of the course student is at Alg1 level
Initial Knowledge Check 40% of the course student is AlgI ready (Student can start Alg1)
Initial Knowledge Check 30% and below of the course student is (Not Alg1 ready) and is at math level 8.


  • To provide students with the opportunities to learn the basic concepts of Algebra I and how to apply these concepts. (Learning concepts, theories, terms, and facts about the subject.)
  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills
  • To provide students with the opportunity to practice design, conduct and analyze experiments in order to understand Algebra I concepts.
  • To provide students with opportunities to learn and practice how to work on teams in order to solve basic Algebra I problems
  • To improve students oral and writing skills
  • To improve mathematical skills
  • To improve students’ ability to follow directions, instructions, and plans
  • To improve students’ ability to organize and use time effectively
  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop a commitment of personal achievement
  • To improve students’ self-esteem/self-confidence
  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop capacity to think critically

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will analyze mathematical expressions and their meanings in context by: identifying  terms, coefficients, factors, variables, combining like terms, evaluating expressions, and the distributive property.
  • Students will set up and solve multi-step equations and inequalities including analytically and in words
  • Students will analyze linear functions in words, graphically, analytically (algebraically) and numerically.
  • Students will set up and solve linear systems of equations graphically, numerically, analytically and in words
  • Students will set up and solve, graphically, numerically, analytically, and in word, system of linear inequalities including linear programming applications
  • Students will analyze data graphically and by using measures of center, spread and shape.
  • Students will analyze polynomials by naming, adding, subtracting, and multiplying
  • Students will analyze exponential functions, numerically, analytically, and in words

Grading Policy

To Pass this course you must complete the following:
  • Complete 95% of the course and take Comprehensive Knowledge check (CK) exam
  • Pass the (CK) comprehensive exam and score 95  points or above (unlimited times)
Any completion of the course less than 95% indicate knowledge  level obtain by the student. (The following completion levels are considered not passing the course)
  • Complete 70% of the course student is at Alg1 level
  • Complete 40% but less than 70% of the course student is AlgI ready (Student can start Alg1)
  • Complete 30%  but less than 40% of the course student is 8th Math level (Not Alg1 ready)
  • Complete less than 30% of the course student is below 8th  Math level (Should not be in this course)
  • Students will be required to use mathematical tools such as a graphing calculator to aid them in the solving Algebra I problems.

Assessment Methods

  1. The facilitator assesses student preparations and competency in the objective categories.
  2. The facilitator will interactively query the students and will provide feedback validating their understanding of the basic fundamental principles.   
  3. Professor will conduct competency-based peer reviews to provide the student and the team with feedback concerning specific team skills such as participation, leadership, creativity, and cooperation.