How To Gain Access To ALEKS Course Content

This is the process for gaining access to
ALEKS Course Content


All students must complete this assignment to gain access to ALEKS through LC VR Course Content Integration Portal (Moodle).


This assignment demonstrates the ability of Moodle to track students’ progress, assess knowledge, and control the flow of information in a course.


Follow these steps:

Step 1. Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have successfully logged into Moodle.  You will use our portal to access various types of course content.  The first type of course content that you will be introduced to is a simple video.  The video will introduce you to ALEKS.   ALEKS is a research-based, online learning program that offers course products for MathChemistryStatistics, and more.

Good luck and happy learning!

Step 2. The course you are currently enrolled in is Algebra1.  However, before we dive into the subject matter, you will receive a brief introduction to ALEKS.

In the course content area, there will be three links. They are;

  • An Introduction To ALEKS
  • ALEKS Video Quiz

ALEKS links

Notice that the links for ALEKS_Video_Quiz and ALEKS are restricted and not available.  They will remain so until you watch the video available by clicking the link An Introduction to ALEKS.

Click on An Introduction to ALEKS link in the course content area and watch the video.

Once you have finished watching the video, answer the question "How long is this video?" and submit your answer.  Your answer should provide a number of minutes (mm) and seconds (ss) in the following format - mm:ss

Intro to ALEKS

Step 3. After watching the video, click on the Add submission button to submit your answer to the question.

Add submission

Step 4. Type your answer in the box. Click the Save changes button to submit the answer.
Submission box

Save Changes

Step 5. If you need to make changes to your answer, click on the Edit submission button. Once all changes have been made, click on the Submit assignment button.
Edit and/or submit

Submit Assignment

Step 6. Click on the Continue button. Once your submission is accepted ALEKS_Video_Quiz will become available.
ALEKS Video Quiz link enabled

Step 7. Click on the ALEKS_Video_Quiz in the Navigation menu on the left side of the page to take the quiz.
ALEKS Video Quiz

Step 8. Click on Attempt quiz now button

You are required to answer three questions and score 100% on the quiz for the ALEKS URL to become active. You have an unlimited number of attempts to complete the quiz.
Summary of attempts

Step 9. Click on the Submit all and finish button. A confirmation dialog will appear.  Confirm your submission by clicking on the Submit all and finish button again.
Confirm submission

Step 10. Click on ALEKS in the Navigation menu on the left side of the page.  This will put you on the ALEKS home page. Login using your ALEKS username and password.  Once you have successfully logged in ALEKS, you will have to take your first initial assessment.

ALEKS Home Page

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